Step 1: Create an Instagram account

You can either use your own Instagram account, or create a new one.

Octopods allow connecting both:

  • Personal Instagram accounts
  • Business Instagram accounts

Please note: you must remove 2FA (two-factor authentication) from your Instagram account before proceeding.

Step 2: Connect your Instagram account

2.1 Select Instagram from the list of available channels

2.2 Download our Instagram Authenticator desktop app, and run it

2.3 Copy the Secret Token from the Octopods Instagram setup page, and paste it into the Octopods Instagram Authenticator desktop app

2.4 Enter your Instagram credentials, and click on Authenticate with Instagram. It might take 1 or 2 minutes to authenticate you.

2.5 Once the authentication is done, your Octopods page will refresh automatically, and the Instagram Authenticator app will close itself.

Step 3: Configure your Instagram channel

By default, Octopods supports all types of Direct Messages (text, images, videos, links, and profile sharing), except for Instagram Story interactions (emoji reactions, story mentions, and story replies). To enable these, you can modify the Instagram channel configuration through the Octopods app dashboard:

This is how Instagram Story interactions will appear in your Intercom Inbox:

How does the Desktop App authentication method work?

We have built an Instagram authenticator desktop app that you can download and run on your own desktop/laptop. This app allows you to authenticate your Instagram account directly on your machine, making it easier for Octopods to connect your Instagram DMs to Intercom.

Do I need to keep this App running on my computer?

No, not at all. You will download the app once to login to your Instagram account, and then the app should exit by itself. You may then delete it if you wish.

Does this App store my Instagram credentials?

No, it doesn't store your username or password. It just uses them to connect your Instagram DMs to Intercom via Octopods.

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