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How to connect Twitter to Intercom with Octopods

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Our Twitter channel has two modes: Direct Messages and Mentions.

For Direct Messages:

  • When you receive a Direct Message from any User on Twitter, we will make sure you receive it in your Intercom Inbox.

  • You can read, manage and respond to all Twitter Direct Messages you receive from your Intercom team inbox.

For Mentions:

  • You can read, manage and respond when any Twitter user mentions you on your Twitter timeline.

  • We will forward the entire Twitter thread as an Intercom conversation so you can read, manage and respond to it.

You can begin in 3 simple steps:

1. Select Twitter from the Octopods dashboard:

You should see the following:

2. Authenticate your Twitter account with Octopods

3. Congratulations! You will now start receiving your Direct Messages and Mentions in your Intercom Inbox.

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