Octopods uses Custom Data Attributes (CDA) to provide useful context to Intercom customers who receive and respond to conversations coming from any of Octopods supported channels.

Combining Tag rules and Octopods CDAs

Octopods sends a special CDA with the name: octopods_channel, allowing you to identify the source channel from which your user originated (WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.)

Intercom has released tag rules which allows you to tag a conversation based on a specific user or message attribute.

This is a powerful feature which can be used with Octopods' CDAs to better organise your inbox. Here's how:

1. Create a new tag rule that matches on octopods_channel  CDA for your particular connected channel, let's say, Telegram

2. Set the rule to tag the conversation with a relevant tag, such as: "telegram-conversations"

And after setting it live:

All your conversations for users that are coming from Telegram from now on will be tagged with the tag "telegram-conversations" – which you can use for all other types of automations, data discovery and reporting.

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