What You Need to Get Started

1. A Facebook Business page that is verified. To reduce spam and ensure only legitimate businesses gain access to WABA, WhatsApp Business API users must have a verified Facebook Business page. This process is expected to take one week, and here's how to do it: Facebook Business page verification (fb.com)

If you're unsure whether your Facebook Business page is verified or not, go to your Facebook Business settings. Under "Business Info", check your "Business verification status":

In the above case, the Facebook Business page is unverified, and will need to go through the verification process.

2. An Octopods WABA Subscription. Since there is an official approval process for all new WABA, we offer no trials for WhatsApp Business API. You can, however, test WhatsApp Business API and all of its features using our sandbox (safe testing platform).

3. A brand new mobile number. This is important to ensure a smooth, hassle-free approval process. Landline numbers can also be used, but bear in mind that the approval process will be more complex, since SMS verification cannot be used for those.

Note: Existing numbers can be used, but if they've been registered for WhatsApp Business API in the past, they will be rejected. If they are currently linked to any type of WhatsApp app or service, they will be rejected. To avoid delays and ensure a smooth process, please use a new number.

4. Approval from WhatsApp. We will facilitate this process. To request access, all you have to do is fill in our application form in the Octopods dashboard. You’ll need to enter some information about your business, and what you would like your WhatsApp account to display: Fill in the WhatsApp Business API Application form

5. That’s it! Hang tight! WhatsApp approval is expected to take 4 weeks. Once we obtain approval, you’ll be ready to connect with your customers through WhatsApp Business API.

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