The approval process for your WhatsApp Business API is outlined below. Your action is only required at steps 1, 3, and 4. The rest is on us!

Step 1: Request access

For more on how to do this, follow the steps in our Requesting Access article.

Step 2: Review by WhatsApp

The information you submit to Octopods will have to be reviewed by WhatsApp. This will take about one to two weeks.

Step 3: Approve "Message on Behalf Of"

Our WhatsApp partner will send you a request on your Facebook Business Manager. Your approval will inform Facebook of the legitimacy of your request. This can be done as shown below:

Facebook will then take a few days to review and approve this transaction.

Step 4: 

Registration code via SMS

Once you receive an SMS registration code on your WhatsApp Business API number, you will forward it to Octopods for the final step of the process.


Registration code via phone call (for numbers that cannot receive SMS, such as landline numbers)

If you're applying for WABA using a landline number, the registration code will be sent via a phone call. A date and time will be arranged for you to receive this call and forward the code to us.

Step 5: Done!

If everything is in order, your WABA connection should be established shortly after.

That's it! Total time: About 4 weeks.

Note: Due to a new policy change by Facebook, the application process now takes about 4 weeks, at least, whereas in the past it took an average of 2 weeks.

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