If you're not familiar with message templates, please read this introduction first:

Introduction to Message Templates (docs.octopods.io) ➚

Introduction to Message Templates (MessageBird.com) ➚

Make sure you're familiar with the guidelines as well:

Message Template Guidelines (docs.octopods.io) ➚

Message Template Guidelines (Messagebird.com) ➚

If you don't have any approved templates in your MessageBird WhatsApp account, here's how to apply for one:

How to Apply for a New Message Template with MessageBird WhatsApp ➚

Step 1: Copy template from MessageBird

Navigate to MessageBird Dashboard → WhatsApp → Template Manager:


This should show you a list of approved templates:

Copy the template Name and Content.

Important: To copy the content, simply double click the "Content" field. Even though the template is not fully visible in MessageBird, it will be copied in its entirety.

Step 2: Paste template into your Octopods Dashboard

Navigate to your Octopods Dashboard and select your MessageBird WhatsApp account:

Click on Templates:

Select New Template:

Paste the template Name and Body (Content) from MessageBird. Make sure you copy both exactly as they appear in MessageBird:

Click on Create Template.

This will save the template into your Octopods account:

Step 3: Use the template in Intercom

To use the above template, you can either access it from the Octopods Inbox app in your Intercom sidebar (both options work):

Or from the user profile by using our Chrome browser extension:

For more information on the Inbox app:

Introduction to the Octopods Inbox app ➚

For more information on our Chrome extension:

Octopods Chrome extension ➚

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