For 360 Dialog accounts, you don't have to manually add the templates to Octopods. Approved WhatsApp templates are automatically added on your behalf, and made available for use in Intercom.

If you're not familiar with message templates, please read this introduction:

Introduction to Message Templates ( ➚

If you don't have any approved templates in your 360 Dialog WhatsApp account, here's how to apply for one:

How to Apply for a New Message Template with 360 Dialog WhatsApp ➚

Using your templates in Intercom

To use the above template, you can either access it from the Octopods Inbox app in your Intercom sidebar:

Or from the user profile by using our Chrome browser extension:

For more information on the Inbox app:

Introduction to the Octopods Inbox app ➚

For more information on our Chrome extension:

Octopods Chrome extension ➚

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