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Use WhatsApp Buttons from Intercom Inbox
Use WhatsApp Buttons from Intercom Inbox

Use Octopods to add prompts at the end of your message to send WhatsApp buttons right from your Inbox

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This article shows you ways to send WhatsApp buttons or lists along with your Intercom message using your Octopods integration.

Default prefix

All commands to include Telegram keyboards should start with the prefix /oct:

*More examples on this below

Supported commands

For now, we support these commands:

  • Reply buttons

  • List

Reply buttons

Reply buttons lets you choose a set of options for your user to reply to you with; this reply gets sent back to you as a text message.

Note: WhatsApp only allows up to three buttons. Buttons text can't exceed 20 characters.

Message syntax:

Message text /oct: button(Option 1, Option 2, Option 3)

The message syntax for the example above would then be:

Thanks for talking to us. How would you like to communicate? /oct: button(Here, Email, SMS)


A list lets you choose a set of options for your user to reply to you with. Unlike the reply buttons, the list is expandable and can include up to ten items.


Maximum limit

List items count


List main button

20 characters

List items text

24 characters

Note: We will trim the text to the maximum length possible in case the text exceeded those limits.

*The message text only (without the interactive list) will be sent if there were more than ten items included

Message syntax:

Message text /oct: list(Main button text, Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option 4)


How did you hear about us? /oct: list(Options, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, Google, From a Friend)

Adding sections titles or items description [optional]:

Message text /oct: list(Main button text, list_button) (Option 1, section: section one title) (Option 2, section: section one title, description: Option 2 more info) (Option 3, section: section two title) (Option 4, section: section two title)


Maximum limit


List section title

24 characters

Only if there is more than one section

List items description

72 characters



How did you hear about us? /oct: list(Options, list_button)(Facebook, section: Social Media)(Twitter, section: Social Media)(Instagram, section: Social Media)(Email, section: Other)(Google, section: Other)(From a Friend, section: Other)(Other, section: Other, description: Tell us more)

*More WhatsApp interactive message types and features are in the queue

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