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Connect Nexmo SMS to Intercom

How to connect Nextmo to Intercom with Octopods

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Step 1: Create your Nexmo account

First, you’ll need to create a Nexmo account. Then, get started with their SMS product and buy a phone number.

Step 2: Connect Nexmo

From your Nexmo dashboard:

2.1 Copy your API Key, API Secret, and Nexmo phone number (MSISDN) to your Octopods Nexmo setup page

2.2 Go to the "Settings" tab in your Nexmo Dashboard, and change the HTTP method to "POST-JSON"

2.3 From the Octopods Nexmo setup page, copy the Octopods Webhook to the Inbound Webhook URL field in your Nexmo dashboard


Now your Intercom Nexmo SMS integration is complete. You can start receiving and responding to your Nexmo SMS messages from Intercom 🙌

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