Step 1: Create your MessageBird account

First you’ll need to sign up to MessageBird, then create a Workspace.

Step 2: Connect MessageBird

2.1 Create an API access Key from the API access (REST) tab

2.2 Copy your Access Key, and API Signing Key to the Octopods MessageBird setup page

2.3 You must have a phone number in MessageBird. Copy & paste the phone number (MSISDN) to the Octopods MessageBird setup page

Step 3: Create a new Flow in MessageBird 

3.1 Create a new custom flow

3.2 Choose SMS as the flow's trigger

  3.3 Add a Forward to URL step

3.4 Copy the Webhook URL from the Octopods MessageBird setup page and paste in the MessageBird flow URL field. Choose POST for the method field. Choose application/json for the Set Content-Type header field

 3.5 Finally, don't forget to save and publish your flow!


Now your Intercom MessageBird integration is complete. You can start receiving and responding to your MessageBird SMS messages from Intercom 🙌

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