Octopods allows you to connect a Telegram Bot to any Intercom workspace.

Step 1: Create a Telegram Bot

First, you’ll need to create a Telegram end user account through their mobile app.

Then, to create a Telegram bot, follow these instructions in the Telegram docs. Telegram also has some info about what a Telegram bot is and how it works.

You’ll get an access token from BotFather (Telegram's quirky name for their bot creation tool). This access token is all you need on the Telegram side.

Step 2: Add Telegram channel

In your Octopods dashboard, click on Telegram

Step 3: Connect Telegram

Once your bot is created, enter the access token in the Octopods Telegram setup page. Click Activate Telegram Channel to complete the setup


Now your Intercom Telegram integration is complete. You can start receiving and responding to your Telegram messages from Intercom 🙌

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