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Connect WeChat to Intercom

How to connect WeChat to Intercom with Octopods

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Step 1: Create a WeChat Official Account

First, you must create a WeChat Official Account (or a service account) – learn more here about the differences between both.

You can apply for either one of these two:

If you are just looking to test the integration, you can also connect to a WeChat Sandbox. The WeChat Sandbox is currently not available in the English language.

You’ll also need to verify your account. Log in to your WeChat dashboard and visit the WeChat Certification | 微信认证 page (below the Set Up section). It is important that your WeChat Official Account is verified before you continue.

Step 2: Connect WeChat

In your WeChat Official/Service Account dashboard,

2.1 Go to Development → Basic Configuration

2.2 Copy and paste your App ID and App Secret

2.3 Paste the App ID and App Secret into your Octopods WeChat setup page, and click on Activate WeChat channel

2.4 In your WeChat Basic Configuration settings page, click on IP whitelist Configuration and copy the following into the empty text box:

Click Confirm modification

2.5 Now you’ll need to copy some information from Octopods to WeChat. In your WeChat dashboard click Modify Configuration | 修改配置 (below Basic Configuration) and copy the Webhook URL and Webhook Token from your Octopods setup page to WeChat.

Here is how it should look like in WeChat

2.6 In your WeChat Basic Configuration page, click on Enable

2.7 Go to Development → Interface Privilege in your left side bar 

2.8 Click on both Enable link buttons

Now your Intercom WeChat integration is complete. You can start receiving and responding to your WeChat messages from Intercom 🙌

Step 3: Testing your Account

3.1 Go to your Account Details

3.2 Copy your WeChat ID and use the WeChat app on your phone to search for that ID in the Official Accounts search area

3.3 After you find your Official Account in the WeChat phone app, click "Follow" and start messaging your account! 

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