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Connect LINE to Intercom

How to connect LINE to Intercom with Octopods

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In order to connect LINE in Octopods, you will need a LINE Official Account. If you only have a regular LINE account, follow the steps below to create an official one.

Step 1: Setting up your LINE Official Account

1.1 Go to the LINE Official Account Manager and click on Create LINE official account

Complete your LINE official account information and click Continue

Confirm your information, and click Submit

1.4 Once complete, click on Go to LINE Official Account Manager

1.5 Go to SettingsMessaging API and click on Enable Messaging API

1.6 Go to SettingsResponse settings and change Response mode to Bot and Webhooks to Enabled

Step 2: Connect LINE to Intercom through Octopods

2.1 Sign in to your Octopods app and select your Intercom workspace:

2.2 Select LINE from the available channels list

2.3 Go to your LINE Official Account Manager and Go to SettingsMessaging API.  Copy both the Channel ID and Channel secret, and paste them into the Octopods LINE setup page.

2.4 Copy Your LINE Webhook URL from Octopods and paste it into the Webhook URL field in the Messaging API settings in your LINE Official Account Manager


Your LINE Official Account should now be connected to Intercom! 🙌 Give it a try by sending a test message to your LINE Official Account and you should see a new conversation in your Intercom Inbox.

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