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How Does Octopods Work?
How Does Octopods Work?

A brief introduction

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"As a business using Intercom, can I manage and respond to customer conversations coming from my Twitter account, Telegram bot, or my SMS number directly within Intercom?"

Before Octopods, the answer was NO.


Octopods allows businesses using Intercom to easily connect and chat with their customers wherever they are, through their customer's favourite social messaging app. With Octopods, you can connect your Intercom Workspace to any of the channels we support, and start receiving and responding to messages right within your Intercom inbox.

Here's a video to illustrate how this works:

How does conversation syncing work?

The way Octopods allow you to read and respond to conversations is simple:

  1. You connect your Intercom Workspace through our Octopods app

  2. You connect your first Channel (for example, Telegram) through our Octopods app

  3. When a new incoming message is sent to you from a Telegram user, we will start a new conversation in your Intercom Inbox.

  4. Any subsequent messages from the same Telegram user will be added to the newly opened conversation in your Intercom Inbox.

  5. You can then reply to the conversation, which triggers Octopods to send that reply to your Telegram user directly, exactly as if you were replying from the Telegram app on your phone.

The same exact model works for all of our other channels like Twilio, WeChat, Viber, LINE, (and many more) ... and now with Twitter and WhatsApp too!
You might want to learn more about how our user matching works, and you can learn more about our plans & pricing here.

Is that all?

Absolutely not! We have a wide range of other features that play well with the Intercom workflow. Check them out here.

Does Octopods support sending the first message?

Yes, we do. We support "proactive messaging" and you can read more about it here.

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