As a business using Intercom, you can use your Telegram Bot as a channel to manage & respond to customer conversations directly from the Intercom Inbox. 

The way Telegram works with your Intercom Inbox is simple,

  1. You connect your Intercom Workspace (account) in the Octopods app
  2. You add your Telegram Bot through our Octopods app
  3. When a Telegram User sends a message to your Telegram Bot, you will see the new Message in your Intercom Inbox – Octopods will create a new Conversation.
  4. Any new messages from the same User will be added to the newly opened conversation.
  5. You can reply to the newly opened conversation and your message will be sent to the Telegram User directly.

Private Chats

We support Telegram private chats which is basically a 1-1 Chat between your Telegram Bot and your Telegram Users. When you get a new message from your Telegram User, you will see this message in your Intercom Inbox and be able to reply to it.

Group Chats

We also support Telegram group chats. In Telegram, you can create a Group Chat, and invite a specific number of members, and what's more powerful is that you can invite your own Telegram Bot which represents your business entity.

This is how a Telegram Group Chat looks like:

Octopods will forward all of the messages in your group chat into your Intercom Inbox, and we will also create the Leads for each member of the group chat who creates a new message.

Enabling group chats

Step 1: Allow group chats for your Telegram Channel in your Octopods App

Step 2: Modify your Telegram Bot settings for group chats

  • Allow your Telegram Bot to be invited to group chats
  • Disable your Telegram Bot privacy for group chats

Step 3: Invite your Telegram Bot to your group chat

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