If you're not familiar with message templates, please read this introduction first:

Introduction to Message Templates (docs.octopods.io) ➚

Make sure you're familiar with the guidelines as well:

Message Template Guidelines (docs.octopods.io) ➚

Step 1: Submit Template for Approval

Navigate to Twilio Dashboard → Programmable Messaging → Senders → WhatsApp Templates: https://www.twilio.com/console/sms/whatsapp/templates

Then click on "New message template" to create a new template:

Enter your template information (its name, category, language and message body) and click "Submit message template":

In case you want to have the same template in more than one language it’s very important to apply for them separately (you need to apply for a new template, not for a translation of an existing one). The process of adding your templates to Octopods require them to have individual names and Twilio translations don’t have names. Screenshot below illustrates what I mean:

In the first case I have a template “order_details” (which contains template in English and its translation to Russian and I will only be able to add an English version to Octopods);

And in the second case I have a template “order_details_esp”. It is the same template translated to Spanish, it has its own name and therefore can be added to Octopods.

And that’s what we suggest to do in such cases. Create a new template and add specification of the language in a template name.

Step 2: Wait for Approval

WhatsApp Templates submitted through Twilio are typically approved within 48 hours. If they take longer, please contact Twilio support.

Step 3: Add Approved Templates to Octopods

Once your template has been approved, you can add them for use in Octopods. Here's how:

Adding Twilio WhatsApp Templates to Octopods ➚

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