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How to Apply for a New Message Template with Twilio WhatsApp
How to Apply for a New Message Template with Twilio WhatsApp

A guide on how to apply for new message templates with your Twilio WhatsApp account

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If you're not familiar with message templates, please read this introduction first:

Make sure you're familiar with the guidelines as well:

Step 1: Submit Template for Approval

Navigate to Twilio Dashboard → Messaging → Senders → WhatsApp Templates:

Then click on "New message template" to create a new template:

Enter your template information (its name, category, language and message body)

You can also add buttons to your template. A template with buttons will look like this:

There are two types of predefined buttons offered by WhatsApp:

Call-to-Action — Allows your customer to call a phone number or visit a website

Quick Reply — Allows your customer to return a simple text message

If you choose "Call to action" button type, you can add your company phone number or website URL to your template.

Instead of adding call-to-action buttons, you can also use "Quick reply" buttons. These act as easy shortcuts for your customers to click on in response to a question or a message. You can add up to 3 buttons with customized text.

Then if you're happy with the template you created, just press "Submit message Template", and it will be sent to WhatsApp for approval.

Step 2: Wait for Approval

WhatsApp Templates submitted through Twilio are typically approved within 48 hours. If they take longer, please contact Twilio support.

Octopods will automatically import and sync any templates you submit through your WhatsApp provider. You do not need to take any additional action.

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