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Connect Google Business Messages (GBM) to Intercom
Connect Google Business Messages (GBM) to Intercom

How to connect Google Business Messages to Intercom with Octopods

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  1. Make sure you have a Business Profile on Google. If you don't, read this: Add or claim your Business Profile on Google

  2. Subscribe to Octopods Omnichannel plan. If you're not yet subscribed, click here to access your billing section.

Step 1: Click on Google Business Messages channel

In your Octopods dashboard, click on Google Business Messages

Step 2: Click on "Connect Google My Business"

Step 3: Choose an account

Step 4: Allow Octopods to access your Google Account

Step 5: Enter your GBM details

Step 6: Add your contact information

Step 7: Set your logo URL and Welcome message

Your logo URL should be a publicly available URL. The image that you specify must have a max file size of 50 KB, and be in a JPEG, JPG, or PNG format.

Welcome message is the first message your customer sees when they open the chat window for your business.

Step 8: Select at least one location

Then press "Create GBM"

Step 9: Test your channel on GBM

You can test your GBM channel now. Just scan the QR code to check what your agent will look like to the customer.

Step 10: Launch your location

Press "Launch" to let your customers see the message button on your Google Business profile.

That's it! Your Google Business Messages it now connected to Octopods. You can send and receive GBM messages in your Intercom inbox.

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