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Connect Viber Business Messages (VBM) to Octopods
Connect Viber Business Messages (VBM) to Octopods

How to connect your Viber Business Messages (VBM) channel to Octopods

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In order to activate your Viber Business Messages account, the Octopods team will need to create an account on your behalf. The following guide will show you how to begin this process. Once you've submitted your information, it takes about 2-3 days for your account to be ready for use.

Step 1: Add your Viber Business Messages (VBM) channel

In Octopods, select Channels, and then click on Viber Business Messages (VBM):

Step 2: Enter your Viber Business information

You, as business owner, are required to fill following details:

  • Official company name

  • Description

  • Business address

  • Your company phone number

  • Your company website URL

  • Expected launch date (when you're planning to start using your Viber Business account)

  • Choose business category

  • Choose country where your company is registered in

  • Choose countries where your company operates in (up to 20). You will not be able to send messages to account holders living outside of these countries.

After filling in the form press "Request VBM channel"

After you submit the required information, the Octopods team will work on creating your Viber Business account.

Step 3: Wait for approval

When your account is ready, Octopods team will send you an update via email.

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