How to submit templates through the Octopods dashboard

Step 1: Create a new template

To create a new template, navigate to your Octopods dashboard, and click on your VBM account. Select Templates near the bottom of the page:

Click on New Template to create and submit a new Viber Business Messages template:

Your templates can either be:

  • Text only

  • Text + URL button

  • Text + URL button + Image

You can include placeholders for variables or parameters that you'd like to fill in later on, to cater your message for each customer.

Parameters are defined using curly brackets and a number in between them, as shown in the following example.

When your template is ready, click on Create Template to confirm, and your template will be automatically submitted for approval.

Step 2: Wait for approval

Once submitted, templates will have to be approved by Octopods team. Templates are typically approved within a few hours to a few days, depending on the complexity of the template.

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