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Connect Twilio Content Editor Templates
Connect Twilio Content Editor Templates

How to connect your Twilio WhatsApp channel to Twilio Content Editor

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Please do not skip any step, to ensure that the connection is successful.

Step 1: Create Twilio Messaging Service

Go to your Twilio dashboard:
Then head to Messaging -> Service:

Step 1: Create Messaging service

Add a name and use for the new messaging service, then Create Messaging Service.

Step 2: Sender Pool

Click on Add Senders -> Whatsapp Number

Choose your Twilio Whatsapp number to be your sender. Make sure this is the number connected to your Octopods Twilio WhatsApp + Intercom integration.

Step 3: Set up integration.

Go to your Octopods Twilio Channel and copy the webhook URL

In the Integration step, click on Send a webhook, then paste the webhook URL in the Request URL, Fallback URL, and Callback URL. Make sure you paste the URL three times in these input boxes.

Step 4: Add compliance info

Add any compliance information you want (not necessary for the integration). Finish the creation by clicking on Complete Messaging Service Setup.

View my new Messaging service

Step 2: Connect your Messaging service to Octopods

Once you have opened your newly created Twilio messaging service, copy the Messaging Service SID

Go to your Octopods dashboard:

Then to your Twilio channel, and scroll down to Enable Twilio Messaging Service -> Configure Channel

Enable the Twilio Messaging Service and add your Messaging Service SID -> Update Configuration

Step 3: That's it!

Your Twilio Messaging Service and Content API are now in place. Your templates will be synced shortly and you'll be able to send them as any other template.

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