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Integrate Octopods with Intercom Workflows
Integrate Octopods with Intercom Workflows

Use Intercom Workflows with your Octopods integration.

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The Octopods integration comes after you finish creating your Intercom Workflow based on your needs. if you need to know more about Intercom Workflows and how to create them, check this article out.

Creating an Intercom Custom Action

To connect the workflow with Octopods, we need to create a custom action.

Head to your workspace settings and go to Apps & Integrations, where you will find Custom Actions. Create a new action

1. Add a name & an optional description

2. Set the action request HTTP Method & URL

3. Set the action request Body

Use Intercom Conversation Attributes to populate each of these parameters

{ conversation_id: , workspace_id:  }

4. Set the action request Headers
The last thing you need to do is to add your header for authentication. You would need to log in to Octopods to grab your workspace key

Get your Octopods Key

Add your Key to the custom action header

  • Header Key: X-Octopods-Auth

  • Header Value: <YOUR KEY>

5. Test your custom action

Make sure to save & set live the action once the test goes through

Adding the Custom Action To The Workflow

Once you have saved the custom action, we are ready to add it to your workflow

1. Add your Custom Action to the end of the flow

Use the + button to search and add a custom action

2. Choose the Custom Action we created

3. [Optional] Add a safety measure if the Custom Action fails

While we don't expect the Custom Action to fail, we would advise to re-add the custom action block again at the failure path after waiting a short time

4. Add a failure note

Here is how the workflow should look with the optional block added:


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