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How to use the Octopods Inbox app to know more about your channels, users, and conversations

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If you had the chance to read our Custom Data Attributes (CDA) article, you will notice that you can use CDAs populated by Octopods to have better context on your channel users.

In addition to this, we've built an Inbox app for your Intercom workspace, to display this information to you in an easier way.

has released their “Apps in Inbox” feature for app builders to provide ways to extend the Intercom Inbox. We built a new Inbox app (that little box on the right sidebar) that gives you extra functionality, such as:

  1. You can see which channel a user/conversation is coming from.

  2. You can see more details about the user on their source channel.

This is how a user coming from Twitter would look like:

Installation & Usage

Installing our Inbox app only takes a minute. From your Intercom Inbox, click Customize → Add more → Octopods Omnichannel. 

The following animated image shows you how:

After you've installed our Inbox app, we will automatically show you context about conversations created by Octopods only.  For conversations that are not created by Octopods, we will show an empty state.

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