With Octopods, you can connect multiple channels to your Intercom workspace. (For more about how Octopods works, start here.)

This means that each conversation can come from a different channel of origin, and knowing how to organize these is key to an efficient inbox.

Combining CDAs and Assignment Rules

You can combine Octopods CDAs and Intercom's Assignment Rules feature to provide an efficient way for your team to handle conversations coming from different channels.

1. Create a new team for each connected channel – check Intercom's docs

As you can see above, we have two teams for WhatsApp and Twitter channel chats.

2. Create an Assignment Rule for each channel based on Octopods CDAs

This is how it looks like after setting up our new assignment rules:

With the above rules in place, any users contacting us via Twitter will be assigned to our Twitter team, and the same can be applied for other channels.

For more information on what CDAs are available with Octopods, please see the following article:

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