As of today, Octopods supports 15 channels. We support different channel categories for different usages, and we try to make them accessible to our customers in terms of plan organization and pricing. Here is a peek into what that means.

Plans & Pricing

We have two plans and one add-on. Each plan has its own set of supported channels you can subscribe to both plans at the same time if you need to.

Omnichannel Plan

WhatsApp Business Plan

Proactive Messaging add-on

Omnichannel Plan

This plan includes up to 14 different channel types. It supports all of our channels, except WhatsApp.


  • It costs $49 per month for your first channel

  • For every extra channel, you'll pay $39 per month

  • You can send and receive unlimited messages (capped at 50K to ensure fair use)

  • You can connect unlimited Intercom Workspaces

For example,

If you'd have two Twitter accounts and one Telegram account and you'd like to connect them to Intercom, then it will be:

$49 + ($39 x 2) = $127 per month

You will also get 50,000 messages x 3 = 150,000 messages per month

WhatsApp Business Plan

This plan supports the WhatsApp channel only.


  • It costs $99/month per number

  • You can send and receive unlimited messages per month (capped at 50K to ensure fair use)

  • Proactive messages are included

What if I want to connect two numbers? One number counts as one channel, so if you want to connect 2 numbers it will cost $99+$99=$198

Does WhatsApp plan include other channel? No, WhatsApp plan includes only WhatsApp Business API accounts. To connect any other channels you'll need to subscribe to our Omnichannel plan.

For more information about WhatsApp Business API (the only WhatsApp integration we support), see the following article: Introduction to WhatsApp Business API

Proactive Messaging add-on

This add-on allows you to send an SMS or WhatsApp message from within the Intercom Inbox to any user with a phone number, even if the user has not previously contacted you through those channels.


  • It costs $69/month

  • It's included free of charge with any WhatsApp Business subscription

  • If you have a WhatsApp Business subscription, proactive messaging will be enabled for your SMS channels, too. No additional purchase is necessary.

More about Proactive Messaging here: 1-to-1 Proactive Messaging

Enterprise volume and support packages

Every plan includes 50k messages/month. If your usage is higher, we are offering enterprise packages. It starts at $250/month. Please contact us for more details.

What is the difference between a message and a conversation?

A message is a single text, image, or any other content type that is sent to or from Intercom.

A conversation is a grouping for many messages between a user or many users and a teammate or many teammates.

We count messages that are sent in either direction, from a channel to Intercom, or from Intercom to a channel.

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