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Learn how Octopods Chrome extension enhances the Intercom Inbox experience for your WhatsApp communications

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The Octopods Chrome web browser extension enhances your WhatsApp Business API experience within the Intercom Inbox. Here is what your Inbox would look like with our extension installed:

The Octopods Chrome extension brings the following features to your Inbox:

Channel icons

You will now be able to see, at a glance, where your conversations are coming from, without selecting the conversation. All channel information will still be available in our Inbox app/widget in the right hand corner, in case you don't want to use the extension.

Management of sessions ('WhatsApp customer service window')

The Customer Service window is a 24-hour period, beginning from the time of the last message sent to you by your customer, during which you are free to send them any type of message. 

Our Chrome extension takes care of this by displaying a countdown for each conversation, so you'll never be too late in your responses. Once the 24 hour period is over, the Intercom chat box will be locked, and you will have to use a Message Template to contact your customer.

For more on the customer service window, see the following article:

Sending proactive messages from the user/lead profile

With the extension installed, you or anyone on your team can send proactive SMS and WhatsApp messages directly from the user profile, as shown below:

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