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Reduce email notification noise for your end users
Reduce email notification noise for your end users
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If you haven't already noticed this, Intercom's email notification for end users gets triggered on conversations created by Octopods โ€“ read more about notifications here.

How does this happen?

Let's assume your Intercom teammate (your agent) sends a message to your end-user via a channel connected through Octopods. If an email address exists for that end user, or if it has been populated by your teammate, an Intercom email notification will be sent to that end-user with a summary of the latest messages. This is so that your users don't miss messages when they go offline, and is the default behavior of Intercom's email notification system.

This can create noise for your users. To combat the issue, we've introduced a way to mark conversations as seen/read, which stops Intercom from sending those email notifications.

This will only affect conversations created by Octopods. You don't have to worry about of your other conversations. Email notifications for those will still function as usual.

How do I activate this setting?

Go to your Octopods app, and click on Settings in the navigation bar. There, you'll be able to configure this new feature:

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