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Testing the Platform using WABA Sandbox
Testing the Platform using WABA Sandbox

How to test WhatsApp Business API before committing to a subscription

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Before you decide on signing up, you'll probably want to test WhatsApp Business API out. For that, we’ve prepared a sandbox (a safe testing platform) for you. Here’s how you can activate it:

1. In your Octopods app, click on the "WABA Sandbox" menu item, as shown below:

2. Click on "Start your Sandbox":

3. Send a WhatsApp Message (from any number) to the number displayed on your screen, with the given text. This will temporarily link your number to our sandbox, and allow you to test send and receive messages. 

In this example, you would send octopods-waba 08xxxxw to the number +353892515616:

4. Success! You've now connected your Intercom workspace to our WABA Sandbox:

5. Any messages sent from your linked number to +353892515616 will now show up in the Intercom Inbox, and you can respond directly from there.

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