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Learn how to send Message Templates programmatically

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Templates are reusable messages that you can send to your customers, with a few variables that you can customize. These are useful for notifications, and can be sent directly from the Octopods Intercom Inbox app/widget.

Once the 24-hour customer service window has expired, Message Templates are the only way you'll be able to reestablish contact with your customer. Click here for more information on the customer service window.

Through Octopods, you can use our WhatsApp Message Templates API to programmatically send Message Templates to your Users directly.

How does it work?

Once your WhatsApp Business API account is connected, we generate an API Key that can be used to access our WhatsApp Message Templates API.

You can retrieve your API Key directly from your Octopods dashboard, as follows:

Step 1: Select your WhatsApp Business account

Step 2: You'll find the API key on the following screen

And finally, here is our API reference documentation:

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