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Intercom Reports + Octopods
Intercom Reports + Octopods

How does Octopods work with Intercom Reports?

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Octopods channel conversations are native Intercom conversations, and they would therefore be reflected in Intercom's Reports tab:

Depending on the type of message, reports for Octopods messages can be found in different categories.

For most messages and conversations, such as an SMS or WhatsApp conversation, you'll find the interactions recorded under Customer support:

If you have set up tag rules (here's how) or by using Octopods automatic conversation tags, you can gain deeper insight into how your channel conversations are going. There are two ways to do it:

  1. Go to Reports β†’ Customer support β†’ Conversations (or one of the several categories below), press "add filter", select Tag and type in your tag of choice.

2. In Conversation tags

Proactive Messages

If you use our proactive messaging feature, your proactive message will be recorded under Customer Engagement. This is only the case IF you select Send Message and Open Conversation from our Inbox app. All responses and regular channel messages that occur afterwards will be recorded as part of Inbox reports.

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