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Connect Twilio WhatsApp to Intercom

How to connect your Twilio WhatsApp number to Intercom

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Please do not skip any step, to ensure that the connection is successful.

Step 1: Twilio WhatsApp account + Octopods subscription

First, make sure you have a WhatsApp account with Twilio. If you don't, read this:

Please also ensure that you are subscribed to the Octopods WhatsApp plan. If you're not, click here to access your billing section.

Step 2: Add Twilio WhatsApp channel

In your Octopods dashboard, click on Twilio WhatsApp:

You should see the following:

Step 3: Copy Twilio account settings into Octopods

Go to your Twilio dashboard:

Copy your Account SID and Auth Token, and paste them into the Octopods setup page from step 2.

Go to your Twilio phone number settings page:

Select your WhatsApp number, and copy the Phone Number and Phone Number SID:

Paste all of the above into the Octopods Twilio WhatsApp setup page, and click on Activate Twilio channel:

Step 4: Copy Octopods Webhook URL into Twilio

Once you've activated the channel, Octopods will generate a Webhook URL:

Go to your Twilio Programmable Messaging β†’ WhatsApp Senders section:

Select your WhatsApp number, and paste the same Octopods Webhook URL in all 3 areas. This is extremely important:

Don't forget to save:

Step 5: That's it!

Your Twilio WhatsApp account is now connected to Intercom.

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