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Connect 360 Dialog WhatsApp to Intercom
Connect 360 Dialog WhatsApp to Intercom

How to connect your 360 Dialog WhatsApp number to Intercom

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  • Please do not skip any step, to ensure that the connection is successful.

  • Please make sure you have your 360 Dialog WhatsApp Account API Key. This would've likely been provided to you by the 360 Dialog team via email during your application process. If you don't have this information, please contact 360 Dialog support.

Step 1: 360 Dialog WhatsApp account + Octopods subscription

First, make sure you have a WhatsApp account with 360 Dialog. If you don't, read this:

Please also ensure that you are subscribed to the Octopods WhatsApp plan. If you're not, click here to access your billing section.

Step 2: Add 360 Dialog WhatsApp channel

In your Octopods dashboard, click on 360 Dialog WhatsApp:

You should see the following:

Step 3: Copy 360 Dialog account settings into Octopods

For this step, you'll need the 360 Dialog WhatsApp account confirmation email at hand. It contains your API key.

Paste this API key along with your WhatsApp phone number into your Octopods WhatsApp setup page from step 2:

Click on Activate 360 Dialog WhatsApp channel. You should see this if your set up was successful:

Step 4: That's it!

Your 360 Dialog WhatsApp account is now connected to Intercom.

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