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WhatsApp: Business Account vs Official Business Account
WhatsApp: Business Account vs Official Business Account

What is a WhatsApp Official Business account and how is it different from a regular Business Account

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Are you curious of how to make your own account look more branded? Have you spotted another WhatsApp Business having a green tick in their profile by the Business name? This is known as an Official Business Account:

And this is how regular WhatsApp Business accounts look like:

How is an Official Business Account different from a regular Business Account?

All the differences lie in the area of how your business appears to users. There are two things:

  • An Official Business Account has a green checkmark

  • The business name is visible on the WhatsApp profile, rather than just a phone number—even if the user hasn’t added your business as a contact.

You can find more about display names in Facebook's documentation here.

How to request an Official Business Account?

Octopods must send an application on your behalf. We recommend the following to increase the chances of getting promoted:

  • We suggest that customers reach Quality Tier 2 first

  • It's always good if you've made some ad spend on the Facebook platform in the past

  • You should have a decent following on Facebook and Instagram; an indication of your brand's reach


The promotion to an Official Business Account will be reviewed by the WhatsApp team. They want to verify that an authentic, notable brand owns this account.

Important Note: There is no guarantee that the Official Business Account approval will be given. We can only submit the application on your behalf; we have no control over the process itself.

Please contact us for more information.

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