If you are looking to connect more than one Facebook Page, here's how you can do so. There are two possible scenarios:

  1. You have more than one Intercom Workspace and want to connect a Facebook Page to each.

  2. You have one Intercom Workspace and want to connect it to two or more Facebook Pages

Before continuing please make sure your Octopods Omnichannel plan is upgraded to the necessary number of channels. You can do it in Billing section.

Connecting multiple Facebook Pages to multiple Intercom Workspaces

Step 1: Go to your first Intercom Workspace in your Octopods dashboard and click on Messenger

Step 2: Click on "Connect your Facebook Messenger"

Step 3: Select the Facebook Page you want to connect to this Intercom Workspace

Make sure to keep the following permissions and click Done:

Now your first Facebook Page is connected to your first Intercom Workspace.

Step 4. Go to your Octopods dashboard and switch to your second Intercom Workspace

Then repeat Steps 1 and 2, but when it comes to Step 3 (the “Facebook Login”), keep the first Facebook Page connected, and then select your second Facebook Page.

Again, keep all of the default permissions and press Done.

That's it, both of your Facebook Pages are connected! 🙌

Connecting multiple Facebook Pages to one Intercom workspace

In this case just follow this guide but at Step 3 select all of the Pages you want to connect at once, as follows:

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