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Out-of-office and welcome messages
Out-of-office and welcome messages

How to set up automated out-of-office and welcome messages on Octopods

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Welcome Messages

You can use this feature to greet your new clients when they contact you for the first time. You can set up Welcome Messages on every connected channel. A welcome message will be sent automatically after a customer initiates a conversation in a channel. It is sent only once.

To enable Welcome Messages

Log in to your Octopods account → Go to Workspaces → Choose your Workspace → Choose a channel

Scroll down to Enable Welcome Messages → Set to YES "Enable Welcome Messages" → Type your Welcome Message → Press "Update Welcome Message".

Here's how it will look like in your Intercom Inbox when customer sends you a first message:

Office Hours Schedule and out-of-office message

This feature allows you to set up automated out-of-office messages for your channels. These messages are sent automatically when your customer contacts you outside of your chosen office hours.

We send one automated reply right after the customer's first message outside of your office hours. If a customer keeps texting you while you're away, we'll send one out-of-office message per hour.

To enable out-of-office messages

  1. Go to your Octopods settings and press "Go to schedules".

2. Press "Add a schedule".

3. Type your schedule name and choose a channel you want to enable this schedule for, from the list of your connected channels.

Different channels can have their own schedules. One channel can have only one schedule.

4. Set your working days and hours.

We try to fetch your time-zone automatically; but you can modify it if needed.

5. Type your out-of-office message and press "Save schedule".

If a customer contacts you outside of your working hours, they will receive this automated reply. Here's how it would look like in your Intercom inbox:

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