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WhatsApp and SMS broadcasts on Intercom
WhatsApp and SMS broadcasts on Intercom

How to send WhatsApp and SMS messages in bulk on Intercom

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Using Broadcasts you can send a WhatsApp or SMS messages to your Intercom customers in just a few clicks. You can filter your Intercom customers, compose your WhatsApp message, and send your message to your matching Intercom customers.

We charge 0.005$ per message in the broadcast.

How to send a bulk WhatsApp or SMS message on Intercom:

First, you need to log in to your Octopods account. From there you'll see "Broadcasts" at the top of your page.

Press on "New Broadcast" and follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 1: General setting

Name your Broadcast, select your workspace, your phone number and filter group of customers, for example, by tag.

Step 2: Review matching contacts

At this step you'll see the list of customers that match your filters. If you press a "View in Intercom" button next to a contact, their Intercom user profile will be opened.

Step 3: Compose your message

At this step you compose an SMS message or choose and customise a WhatsApp template. You can replace template's variables manually or use Intercom Attributes.

Step 4: Set your broadcast live.

This is the final step where you can review your message as well as users that match your filters. If you're ready to send this message to this list of users, just press on "Set live and send broadcast".

If you're not ready to send the message right away, just press "Save draft" and you'll be able to send this broadcast later on.

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