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Be aware of what Intercom features are supported, and what aren't

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We try our best to deeply integrate Octopods with Intercom as much as possible. However, there are certain features that are unsupported at the moment, and it's important that you're aware of them.

Here are the unsupported features, with suggested workarounds for some:

→ Articles sent using the Article Inserter

  • We're unable to process and transmit articles that are sent from Intercom using the Article Inserter feature. This is a limitation with the Intercom API itself, not with Octopods. 

  • One workaround is to send the article as a link. For example, here's a link to one of our articles.

  • As another workaround, you can save your most used articles as a saved reply in Intercom. Octopods can process saved replies without an issue.

→ Bots, marketing campaigns

  • Octopods does not currently support Intercom's automation features.

→ Permanently closing conversations

  • Octopods-created conversations are one long thread, similar to their behavior on a customer's phone. For example, if you close a WhatsApp conversation, any new messages from that contact will reopen the conversation, regardless of your Intercom settings.

  • In the future, we plan to make changes to allow permanently closing conversations. There is no timeline for this feature at the moment.

→ CSAT rating

Supported features:

Saved replies
Assignment rules
Custom data attributes
Conversation tags
Links, images, GIFs, emojis

and many, many more!

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