How to Apply for a 360dialog WhatsApp Account

An overview of the WhatsApp application process with 360dialog

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This guide will take you through the process of applying for a WhatsApp account with 360dialog. The whole process is done through Octopods integrated onboarding.

If you're not familiar with what a provider is or what their pricing model looks like, please read this first:

Prerequisites: What you need before applying

1. A phone number. It must be a clean number; a number that has not been registered for WhatsApp Business API in the past, and is currently not registered on the WhatsApp mobile app.

2. Credit card for payment. 360dialog requires your payment details as part of your application. You will be charged the US$15/month fee right after the signup process is completed.

3. Octopods subscription. Please also ensure that you are subscribed to the Octopods WhatsApp plan. If you're not, click here to access your billing section.

Step 1: Request Access with 360dialog

In your Octopods dashboard, click on 360dialog WhatsApp:

To begin the registration process, press on Signup for 360dialog account from your Octopods setting:

You’ll get redirected to 360dialog website where you'll need to fill in the form on 360dialog's website and accept the terms of service.

You will be asked to enter your payment information right away. Billing will begin as soon as the signup process is completed.

You will need the following information for the form:

  • The phone number you wish to register for WhatsApp Business.

  • Your Legal Company Name, as listed in your Facebook Business Manager.

  • Your credit card name and number.

Step 2: Complete the signup process

There are 3 main steps:

  1. Choose an existing or Create new Facebook and WhatsApp Business account

2. Create your WhatsApp Business Profile

  • Choose Display Name

  • Add the Business Category and Description

    3. Complete Number Registration

  • Receive a 6-digit code via SMS or Voice to verify the number

You can follow this 360dialog video tutorial:

To finalize the connection process, select the number(s) you want to connect to Octopods and press on Connect Channels.

That’s it! Your number is registered with 360dialog WhatsApp and connected to Octopods. You can now receive and respond to your WhatsApp messages from Intercom Inbox.

Step 3: WhatsApp Commerce Policy Review

When your Business is Verified, The WhatsApp Trust and Safety Team will check for the compliance of WhatsApp Commerce Policy. They will also review your chosen Display Name.

Once all these three verifications have been successfully completed, you will receive full access.

The progress of your application will be visible to you in your 360dialog Hub account.

Step 4: (Optional) Complete Facebook Business Verification

A verified Facebook Business Manager ID can be obtained from your Facebook Business settings. (Please note: This is not the same as your Facebook page ID).
If your Facebook Business ID is not verified, follow the following instructions to obtain verification. The process takes about one week:
Facebook Business page verification (

Important Information

Accounts submitted without having the Business Manager verified will be placed in the Limited Access Tier, which gives access to:

  • Unlimited customer-initiated conversations (24-hour messaging windows)

  • Ability to send notifications to 250 unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period

  • Ability to register up to two (2) phone numbers, which can both be assigned to 1 WABA or split between 2 WABAs

You must initiate Business Verification if at any point you want to:

  • Use the Standard Access tier, which gives access to:

    • Currently available messaging limits (1K, 10K, 100K unique customers/day)

    • More than 2 phone numbers

  • An Official Business Account (OBA) - Any business that requires an OBA must complete Business Verification.

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