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Examples of Approved WhatsApp Templates
Examples of Approved WhatsApp Templates

A reference to help you draft your template messages

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You may be concerned about your template messages getting rejected, or perhaps you've had one too many rejections and can't quite figure out what's wrong. Here's a list of examples to help you.

Please refer to our Message Template Guidelines document as well.

You'll notice that there are two major elements that are common among these templates -- context, and a clear call to action. If your template is rejected, try to examine it and see if you've provided enough context, and/or if you have a clear call to action in it.

These are not compulsory requirements, but they will vastly increase the chances of your template being approved.

Examples of approved templates:

  • Your message reached us while we were not available, may we contact you concerning your question again? If so, please reply to this message with YES.

  • We received your message! However, we are currently unavailable. May we contact you regarding your question when we return? If so, please reply to this message with YES.

  • Hello {{1}}, this is a gentle reminder to update your subscription information under the name {{2}}. Thank you.

  • Hello {{1}}, here is your account confirmation link {{2}}. Thank you.

  • Hello {{1}}, your purchased item has been queued for shipping, and here is your reference code: {{2}}. Thank you.

  • Hello {{1}}, I have booked you a slot in our calendar for our initial chat for you based on our earlier conversations. Here is the appointment link: {{2}} Thank you. Let us know if you need any help!

  • Hi {{1}}. You booked a vehicle for your trip {{2}}. However, we noticed that the payment was unsuccessful, and we would like to help. If you faced an error, please send us a screenshot, and we'll look into it. Thank you {{3}}.

  • Hi {{1}}, {{2}} from CompanyName here! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‹πŸ» I'm reaching out to see if you are free to help out the wonderful {{3}} with a {{4}}? {{5}} lives locally in {{6}} 😁

  • Hi {{1}} Unfortunately, we haven't been able to find any programmes based on your needs. If you would like additional assistance, please let us know.

  • Hello {{1}}, I hope you are well. Do you have any updates about your application process?

  • Hi {{1}} I am following up on your request on our website and your discussion with my teammate. Are you available now?

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