If you're not familiar with message templates, please read this introduction first:

Introduction to Message Templates (docs.octopods.io) ➚

Make sure you're familiar with the guidelines as well:

Message Template Guidelines (docs.octopods.io) ➚

For 360 Dialog accounts, templates are submitted directly through the Octopods dashboard. You will be informed of your template's review status by email. If your template is approved, it will be automatically added for use within Intercom.

Step 1: Submit Template for Approval

Navigate to your Octopods dashboard, and click on your 360 Dialog WhatsApp account.

Select Templates:

This will allow you to submit new templates and view the status of template applications, as follows:

Click on New Template to create and submit a new WhatsApp Business message template:

Click on Create Template to confirm, and your template will be automatically submitted to WhatsApp for approval.

Step 2: Wait for Approval

WhatsApp Templates submitted through 360 Dialog are typically approved within a few days. If they take longer, please contact 360 Dialog support.

Step 3: Adding Approved Templates to Octopods

No action is required from you here. Approved templates will be automatically added to your account, and made ready for use in Intercom.

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