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Octopods automatic conversation tags
Octopods automatic conversation tags

What are automatic conversation tags and how to use it efficiently

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Octopods automatically tags your newly created Intercom conversations coming from a specific channel with the channel name. For example, this user reached out to us from Telegram and so the very first message in this conversation has a tag telegram.

Types of tags

For most of the channels, the tag name is identical with the channel name, here is the list of all possible tags:

SMS Channels

Twilio has a tag twilio

Nexmo - nexmo

Textmagic - textmagic

MessageBird - messagebird

Africa's Talking - africas

Social Messaging Channels

Telegram - telegram

Line - line

WeChat - wechat

Viber - viber

Zalo - zalo

Social Media Channels

Facebook messenger has a tag messenger

Instagram - instagram

Twitter - twitter

VKontakte - vkontakte - okru

WhatsApp tags slightly vary depending on your WhatsApp Business API provider:

Twilio has twilio_whatsapp tag

MessageBird - messagebird_whatsapp

and 360 Dialog and our legacy WhatsApp Web tagged as whatsapp.

How to make the best out of this feature?

  1. You can use it as one of the ways to understand where your contacts are coming from (along with Octopods CDAs and Octopods Intercom Inbox).

2. In reports you can filter your conversations based on the source channel to be able to gain a deeper understanding of conversation trends.

How to switch if off

In case you don't need this feature you can disable it in settings simply by switching it to "No".

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